About Us

So, we’re adding new contributors to this blog soon, so it’s no longer going to be a one-person operation.

NEW RED INDIAN: I’m an activist and the child of Indian immigrants in the US and I teach South Asian literature at an American university.  This blog is my attempt to aggregate news and perspectives from all over South Asia (including, but not limited to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan).  Plus, I am a lover of South Asian literature (I read in Hindi, Urdu and English and try to get my hands on anything I can in translation) … “New Red Indian” is the combination of several ideas all at once.  I wanted to do something that could refashion NRI (non-resident Indian) into a label that I liked.  I also wanted to poke fun at the long hangover I’ve had about being teased as a kid for wanting to be an Indian cowboy (because such things were too radical, I suppose, for the Texas playground), and because now I think I should have wanted to be the “Indian” anyways.  And, well, I’m also a “red” in the traditional political sense (not the GOP-cooptation of the label).

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi
    I am student of Germany and doing research on Arundhati Roy and the “Kashmir conflict”! Coud you give me more information about the speech in october 2010. What is the left press saying about her, how are reactions in the country?
    And thank you giving the link for Bhopali, i lived there for 6 months and I still cannot believe the injustice! Hope I can watch the movie in Germany and that people will be awaken!

    Thanks Lara

  2. Very interestin blog. I am a German-Indian and therefore interested what’s going on in India (and beyond). Currently in India and as usual struck by it’s diversity.

  3. this is good initiative, i am also engage to look out entire situation through sociology of art and literature. thanks

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