Testimony (اظہار) by Ahmed Faraz

On the occasion of his 87th birth anniversary


Testimony (اظہار)

By Ahmed Faraz


If I am as silent as a rock

Don’t think that I

Am a stranger to the embers of fidelity.

Don’t look at me with such contempt

O sculptor of marble! It’s possible

That your chisel knew from its first cut

That the fire that burned within me for you

That I suppressed

Was the very fire of my life

Insaan, by Zehra Nigah

(an attempt at a translation)

Human (Insaan)


My eyes were covered by a curse of blood

You gave my eyes dreams


I was cloaked in darkness

You placed a full moon in my hands


I was afraid of the lamp’s flame

You gave my steps the sun


I had no authority over myself

You sentenced me with choice


My race was so many confused questions

How did you give them all such clear answers


Having heard the tale of my heart’s woe

You offered so many titles, so many chapters


You removed all of the thorns from my hem

And gave me roses for my lap


You remembered each and every one of my sorrows

And gave me happinesses without keeping track