Resources about the crackdown in JNU (Delhi)

I will be updating this page frequently.  A number of people have asked for a clearinghouse of resources about the events at JNU in Delhi.  If you have resources that you believe should be included, please do send them to me.  A solidarity statement from students and faculty at the University of Texas, Austin is forthcoming.

Full text of Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech

Thank God for JNU

Srirupa Bhattacharya: Knock on the Door

Amartya Sen: Indians are too tolerant of intolerance

Tehelka: the march for Kanhaiya ended up Keeping the “soul of the country alive”

Police Register Sedition Case Against Unidentified Students

Thousands march in Delhi in #StandWithJNU protest

‘Defending Bharat Mata’, With Kicks and Punches

Romila Thapar: Be Warned, the Assault on JNU is Part of a Pattern

A Short Summary of the Law of Sedition in India

Soli Sorabjee: sedition charge deplorable

Video of the JNU solidarity march

JNU row snowballs into massive protest: Lawyers, students scuffle at court while teachers join agitation

Boston stands in solidarity with JNU

Letter of Solidarity to the Students of JNU, India: Democratic Students’ Alliance, Pakistan

Propaganda war: Sangh Parivar takes to the streets to paint JNU as a ‘den of traitors’

Tithi Bhattacharya: Kanhaiya Kumar stands in a tradition beyond the nation-state

Letter from academics condemning the crackdown at JNU

Spring Comes to JNU : Love, Laughter and Rage


Romila Thapar: ‘The Protests by JNU Students, Teachers Have Been Remarkable’

Mahishasura & beef claims in cop report

UK South Asia Centers condemn the crackdown at JNU

American Anthropology Association in solidarity with the students at JNU

Omkar Goswami’s editorial: “We’ve forgotten the lessons of Germany 1933 and India 1975”

Aditya Sarkar: “On Framing JNU for an imaginary crime”

Justice AP Shah: Yakub Menon, Afzal Guru’s executions were politically motivated

Solidarity Statement from Writers and Activists in Nepal

Peter Ronald Desouza: “JNU and the idea of India”

An open letter to Umar Khalid

Lawrence Liang’s critique of ultranationalism in India