Workers demand early referendum in PTCL and withdraw VSS immediately.

Workers demand to early referendum in PTCL and with draw VSS immediately.

PTCL workers and their representative unions will never bow down to the management of foreign owners and fight with all means and ways till final victory.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limeted (PTCL) management has announced another Voluntary Separation Scheme VSS last week to slash all together around 16,000 workers in one stroke. The anti worker move is to be resisted with all means as the mood of worker and their representative show.

It is against the prevailing laws to launch the VSS second time with in time span of five years and the move clearly term as malafide intention of the management to terrorize the employees and get rid of vocal and active members of trade unions along with thousands of workers.

The management had had attacked 32,000 workers previously with the same lethal weapon of VSS in 2008. After the privatization of PTCL , the most profitable public sector entity in 2005 , it was the first severe attack of the private management on workers, followed by series of anti workers measures in coming years. The amount in billions of rupees for workers’ pensions have been misappropriated, there is no increase in pensions since long, the due bounce shares of 12% of 2009 is not distributed, NCPG cadre of total number around 6,000 denied their right to regularize since 2007 and their is no upward revise in existing pay scale structure.

The Etisalat has to pay an outstanding amount of 800$ million to Pakistan government under privatization deal for PTCL since long which is  against the shabby privatization deal too, now government has forgo 100$ million to compensate the Etisalat in lie of non transfer of 136 properties to them. The transfer process of these properties were stopped by Sindh High Court on plea of union supported by National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) in .

Workers and their representative bodies on every occasion oppose the illegal anti worker onslaught of the management, in 2009-10 through their heroic struggle challenged the tyranny of private owners, hundreds of workers arrested and sacked from jobs,union leaders were trailed under notorious Anti Terrorist Act(ATA) and reign of terror prevail all over PTCL.

One of the Supreme Court judgment by the bench headed by Chief Justice Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, in a PTCL workers case has tried to change law course drastically in favor of management and owners against the whole course of remedy mechanism provided in existing labour law. The judgment has invoke the centuries old doctrine of “Master and Servant” to settle the industrial dispute in 21 century, fortunately it was setaside by the larger bench .

The PTCL management has managed to steele the last referendum in favor of her favorite union with the help of NIRC with out going into second round which was legally bound to held.

Now again referendum is over due but management don’t want to allow the workers to exercise their democratic right to choose their Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) through vote. Some unions have made application to Registrar , Trade Union, National Industrial Relation Commission (NIRC) ,Islamabad but he was not entertaining the application plea and illegally continuing the earlier CBA who time period is completed in view of Sec 24 (11) of IRA ,2008.
While NIRC is not taking due course provided in IRA Second 19 (2) to hold a secret ballot to determine the CBA with in 15 day after receiving the written application. So unions contended the case in The Islamabad High Court (IHC) against NIRC though writ petition in June 2012.

The IHC has directed on 29 June 2012 to the Registrar Trade Union NIRC on  to dispose of referendum application with in 15 days in accordance with law and also directed no adverse action shall be initiated against any of the employee of office bearer of the Trade Union.

But contrary to the IHC court order and in clear violation of subsection (13) of Section 19- IRA , PTCL management has announce the VSS to hamper the referendum process and weaken the union strength. The VSS is illegal and have no lawful backing as the relevant sections compel  that during the referendum process no employer shall transfer, remove, retrench or terminate any worker or the officer of the trade union with out the permission of the Registrar.

PTCL workers and their representative unions will never bow down to the management of foreign owners and fight with all means and ways till final victory. Its the collective demand of the workers to announce referendum and with draw VSS immediately and nationalize the PTCL again.

Nasir Mansoor
Deputy General Secretary
National Trade Union Federation Pakistan (NTUF)
726 Mashriq Center Gulshan Iqbal,Block 14, Karachi, Pakistan.

One thought on “Workers demand early referendum in PTCL and withdraw VSS immediately.

  1. It is good effort, however I think it is also to do some thing practically. Leaders must call to worker and make effort to highlight situations and case may be taken to Supereme Court.

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