“They are lucky, those” (Faiz)

An attempt at a translation:

I’m reposting from BestGhazals.net (which has the text in Nagari and Nastaliq) — my translation is at the bottom.

वो लोग बोहत खुश-किस्मत थे
जो इश्क़ को काम समझते थे
या काम से आशिकी करते थे

हम जीते जी मसरूफ रहे
कुछ इश्क़ किया, कुछ काम किया
काम इश्क के आड़े आता रहा
और इश्क से काम उलझता रहा
फिर आखिर तंग आ कर हमने
दोनों को अधूरा छोड दिया

फैज़ अहमद फैज़

voh log bohat khush-qismat the
jo ishq ko kaam samajhte the
yaa kaam se aashiqii karte the

ham jiite jii masruuf rahe
kuchh ishq kiyaa, kuchh kaam kiyaa
kaam ishq ke aaDe aataa rahaa
aur ishq se kaam ulajhtaa rahaa
phir aaKhir tang aa kar hamne
donoN ko adhuuraa chhoD diyaa

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

“They are lucky, those” (Faiz Ahmad Faiz)

They are lucky, those
Who understand love is work
Or rather who make love for a living.

My whole life was spent, occupied:
Loved a little, worked a little.
But work always got in the way of love,
And love inevitably interrupted work.
And then frustrated, I
Left both, unfinished.


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